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County Public Service Board of Turkana has this evening concluded the second week of interviews for persons seeking to serve as chief officers in various establishments of the County.

According to the Boards’ acting chairperson Pauline Akiru Ekod, only two candidates have failed to turn up for the interview so far despite being shortlisted for the position.

The chair said that the entire Board was participating in the exercise due to seniority of the position and added that the team was ready to continue with yet another week of the same interviews up to 8th march 2023 in accordance to the schedule that was released prior to the exercise.

The chair noted that the Board would embark on yet another schedule of interviews for the positions of directors, deputy directors, general accountant, deputy County secretary and other positions after concluding the chief officers’ interviews.

The chair also said that they had received positive complements from interviewees concerning the professionalism with which the interview was being conducted by the Board members and the secretariat.

The panellists include Pauline Akiru Ekod (Acting Board chairperson), Bartoo Francisca (Board secretary/CEO), and Board members Edward Losinyono, Erastus Ngala and Vonwilly Etir.