Patrick Losike Lokaimoe

County Executive Committee Member

Mark Ekeru Achila

Chief Officer-Roads and Transport

Cathra Abdi

Chief Officer-Public Works


To realize and attain; modern standards roads, admired transport sector, and best architectural services which encompasses modern structural standards. 


To facilitate provision, maintenance and management of quality roads, proper transport sector management and provision of quality public works services to all.


1.      To facilitate adequate provision of cost-effective infrastructure, including government buildings and other public works

2.      To develop and maintain infrastructure with a view to support realization of the county integrated Development Plan.

3.      To develop and maintain technical and quality audit for infrastructure building and other related public works in the public sector.

4.      To provide quality public works services to all County Government entities and the general public.


1.       Develop and maintain sustainable transport and infrastructure to facilitate efficient movement of goods and people.

2.       Develop and enforce regulations and standards to ensure safe, secure and efficient transport and infrastructure systems.

3.       Undertake research and implement the findings for an efficient transport and infrastructure system.

4.      Mobilize resources and build capacity for technical and professional staff.