Message From The Governor

The State of the County can be described as a work in progress. We continue to strive to find solutions to challenges that face our people, and our commitment to push forward on this journey of socio-economic transformation of Turkana County remains strong.

The task for my administration is to build on the firm infrastructural foundation built in the first five years of
devolution. Consequently, our development milestones shall be guided by 9 point agenda. 

The priorities are Water as a Universal Right; Food Security:-Crop Production, Livestock Development, Fisheries and Blue Economy; Peace Building and Conflict Resolution; Health Services and Sanitation; Revitalizing Education and Child
Protection; Land, Minerals and Natural Resources Management; Trade, Industries and Enterprise Development; Wealth Creation/Local County Revenue Enhancement; Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships.

These key development priorities will take prominence and define our annual budgetary allocation per sector/department in our development programming for this first term of my
administration. The other sectors will equally receive the resources and attention they deserve as we implement them along these priorities.


Governor Of Turkana County