Lodwar, 17th May 2023 (Governor’s Press Service)- Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai today presided over the issuance of deployment letters to 120 county staff who had been employed in 2020 but had not been posted. The ceremony took place at the Lodwar Vocational Training Centre.

In his remarks, the Governor said the move was in keeping with a promise he had made during the campaigns. He said he felt for the plight of the individuals who had undergone the recruitment process but had been denied employment.

“I had promised that if God allowed me to be elected Governor, I was going to ensure that the 120 individuals who applied for jobs and were successful but denied the opportunity to work will get their deployment letters. This is not politics because I don’t care where you come from, I simply felt for you,” he said.

The Governor urged the new staff to be diligent in service and report to the duty stations they had been posted without fail or push for transfers.

“You looked for this job and were successful among many others. I ask that you love your county and what you do, believing that your contribution is what will change this county and make Turkana a great county for all of us,” he added.

He assured the staff of his support and that of the entire executive but called for discipline and adherence to the code of conduct from all county officers.

The Governor thanked the County Assembly for allocating funds to allow the deployment of the staff and commended the County Public Service Board for due diligence in the employment of the officers. County Secretary Peter Eripete challenged the officers to repay the Governor’s goodwill by delivering on their jobs.

County Executive for Public Service, Administration and Disaster Management James Wangiros, County Public Service Board Chairperson Pauline Ekod, Chief of Staff Peter Yoromoe and Principal Human Resource Officer Joseph Ng’atotin were among senior staff who attended the ceremony.

Deputy Speaker Philip Ekuwam, who led a team of MCAs in attendance thanked the Governor for the initiative to push for the deployment of staff recruited in the former regime and asked the officers to support the Governor deliver on his mandate.

Other MCAs present were Vincent Ekipor (Lokichoggio), Julius Apuron (Kalobeyei) and Sarah Abdi (nominated).

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