Lodwar, 30th August 2023 (Governor’s Press Service) — Chief Justice Martha Koome has today launched the e-filing and Alternative Justice System (AJS) Centre for the Lodwar Law Court.

In her remarks, CJ Koome described the launch as a monumental day in the journey of the country’s justice system as it was embarking on a transformative journey, towards an accessible, people-centred justice system.

She said: “The launch of E-filing in the Turkana County Courts – that includes Lodwar Law Courts, Kakuma Law Courts and other courts to be commissioned and operationalised in the future- and the inauguration of the Alternative Justice Systems Suite (AJS Ukumbi) is not just an occasion but a promise – a promise of a more just, inclusive, and efficient future.”

The Chief Justice rallied support for the AJS suite and promised to establish assistance desks at the court stations and Huduma centres to facilitate the e-filling process.

“I urge you to view the AJS Suite as a symbol of our commitment to preserving and promoting this wisdom. Embrace it, not as a new initiative but as a tribute to our age-old values and practices,” she stated.

The Chief Justice, who is also the President of the Supreme Court, said they will work with County Governments as key partners as they look for land to develop physical infrastructures in areas with no court stations.

In his remarks, Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai welcomed the Judiciary’s promise to gazette permanent stations in Lokichar and Lokitaung to ensure equitable access to justice for all residents of Turkana.

The stations, Governor Lomorukai said, would not only address the geographical barriers to access justice but also play a vital role in the timely settlement of disputes and community development.

He said, “By extending court facilities to these areas, we will empower our citizens to seek justice without facing the challenges of long journeys.”

The County boss who was accompanied by First Lady Lillian Ekamais lauded CJ Koome for opening the AJS centres in Kakuma and Lodwar, noting that the centres, would transform the way justice is administered in Turkana.

He acknowledged that residents in the past largely relied on traditional and customary systems of access to justice, and further appealed to the Judiciary to consider professionals from Turkana with legal backgrounds for employment opportunities.

Governor Napotikan assured of the County Government’s commitment to supporting judicial services in the county and called for intervention towards the release of tens of Turkana pastoralists who are in prison in Uganda following a court martial.

Governor Lomorukai stated the commitment of Turkana leadership to work with the Judiciary and announced that his administration was willing to provide land as a contribution towards the development of the Judiciary and improvement of access to justice in the region.

Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Ann Amadi revealed that construction works for the stalled proposed Lodwar high court facilities would begin soon.

Judicial Officers who spoke included Supreme Court Judge Isaac Lenaola, High Court Judge Joel Ngugi and Lodwar Law Court presiding Judge Reuben Nyakundi.

Members of Parliament Dr Ariko Namoit (Turkana South), John Kaguchia (Mukurweini) and Emathe Namuar (Turkana Central), as well as former Turkana Central MP Lodepe Nakara, were present.

Senior County Government officials present included County Executive Peter Akono (Lands), County Attorney Erastus Ethekon, County Solicitor Ruth Emanikor, Chief Officers Paul Lodung’a (Office of the Governor) Leah Losiru (Lands) and Triza Amoni (Tourism).

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