The County Department of Health and Sanitation and the International Rescue Committee Core Group Partners’ Project plan to step up zoonotic disease surveillance in Turkana West, Loima, and Kibish Sub-counties.
This was discussed in a review meeting of the zoonotic diseases and vaccine-preventable illnesses. The review team was drawn from the facility-in charges, community mobilizers from the cross-border facilities, and County and Sub-county management teams.
While addressing the participants, the Director for Preventive and Promotive Dr Bonventure Ameyo, highlighted the achievement of community-based disease surveillance, which had led to early warnings, fostering quick response.
“The collective efforts of the county and its partners have resulted in the successful access and vaccination of high-risk and remote populations,” stated Dr Ameyo.
He urged the facility charge to enter accurate data in the Kenya Health Information System (KHIS). This, he stressed, would enable swift action by the County Health Management Team in response to disease outbreaks.
The Director for Veterinary Services, Dr Benson Long’or, echoed the urgency of fortifying consultative surveillance, response strategies, and preventive measures.
“Let’s take note of the importance of One Health priorities for sustainable health initiatives,” he said.
The Deputy Director for the Core Group Partners’ Project Secretariat, Josephine Ihahi, pointed out that early disease detection and response would enhance and advance health services for both human and animal populations.

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13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024