County Marks World Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, Celebrates med lab staff

County Marks World Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, Celebrates med lab staff


Officials from the Department of Health and Sanitation, yesterday, celebrated the World Medical Laboratory Professionals Week to honour the efforts of Laboratory Professionals in ensuring accurate diagnoses and effective patient care.


The medical laboratory Professionals drawn from all sub-counties in Turkana celebrated the day as well as shared their performance, achievements and gaps to be improved to ensure quality laboratory testing to patients.


Speaking during the meeting, Director Medical Services, James Kidalio said, ” Health is a complex and interconnected system and working together will improve the healthcare services.”


Medical Laboratory Professionals Week is an annual celebration from 14th- 20th April, which highlight and show appreciation for lab professionals.


The Chief Medical Lab technologist, Benjamin Lowoko acknowledged the efforts of behind the scenes by professionals in detecting, diagnosing and monitoring a wide range of medical conditions.


County Medical Lab Coordinator- Alice Nataba stressed the need for efficient and accurate laboratory services to provide patients with reliable medical information to support appropriate treatment decisions.


On the other hand, Amref representative, Mike Logoos advised the team to improve on the quality of labaratory services, to impact the lives of the community in a positive way.


” We look forward for your collaboration in strengthening the health systems to ensure the community gets quality health services needed” he added.


The County team present were; County Aids &STIs Coodinator Samwel Pulkol and County Focal person for Pharmacovigilance Javan Inda


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