Turkana and Garissa County Officials, UNHCR assess the KISEDP in Turkana and Garissa

Turkana and Garissa County Officials, UNHCR assess the KISEDP in Turkana and Garissa

Officials from Turkana, Garissa and UNHCR, conducted a comprehensive assessment of the Kalobeyei Integrated Socio-Economic Development Program (KISEDP) in Kakuma and Kalobeyei.

Led by the Deputy Governors Dr. John Erus and Abdi Dagane, alongside with representatives from UNHCR, carried out the assessment aimed to evaluate the collaborative efforts between the counties and UNHCR in addressing refugee affairs while enhancing livelihoods for both refugees and host communities.

Dr Erus emphasised the importance of aligning project planning with the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) to ensure effective implementation and resource utilisation.

“We are collaborating with IOM to improve access to water and seek greater social accountability in resource utilisation,” DG said.

According to the Deputy Governor Abdi Dagane of Garissa, the assessment provided an opportunity to benchmark and identify similarities in refugee engagement between Turkana and Garissa Counties, particularly regarding KISEDP, resettlement, and integration efforts.

The Head of UNHCR Sub-Office Dadaab, William Ejalo stressed the significance of strategic integration in meeting the needs of the refugee community and highlighted UNHCR’s contributions to infrastructural development, benefiting both refugees and host community.

The Focal Person for KISEDP Turkana County, Michael Ekwang’a outlined details of project implementation and called for stronger partnerships to address challenges faced by refugees and promote inclusive development. In Turkana.

During the assessment, officials visited various KISEDP sites, including the K De Igratium International (KDII) Production Centre, Kalobeyei mini-grid, WFP Nalingang’or horticultural project, Kalobeyei sports complex, Tumaini market-village 3, Bamba chakula market, Natukobeyo dispensary, Heart Foundation Girls Secondary School, and Turkana West Educational Hub (TWEH).

Those present during the visit were; a delegation from UNHCR and Garissa county, senior Turkana County officials led by the Deputy County Secretary Joseph Nyang’a, Chief Officer Lands Leah Losiru, Director Raphael Logum for Resource Mobilisation, among others.


13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024