Lokiriama, 21st September 2022 (Governor’s Press Service)

Celebrations to mark the 49th edition of the Lokiriama Peace Accord concluded today, in an event presided over by Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai.

The accord celebrates the signing of a treaty between the Ng’ikamatak of Turkana and Matheniko of Uganda in 1973, following the burying of instruments of war in a pit built into a monumental, to signify an end to conflict along the Kenya-Uganda border.

Governor Lomorukai assured the communities that the Lokiriama Peace Accord will be held every year in the entirety of his reign as Governor.

“I know that the commemorations have not been held for the last three years for unknown reasons. I want to state that the ceremony will be held every year for the first five years of my reign and the second term.

“The importance of such engagements as platforms for strengthening peace and reaffirming our resolve for non-violent means of conflict resolution, cannot be ignored,” he said.

The celebrations corresponded with the UN General Assembly-declared International Day of Peace marked every year on 21st September. The theme for this year’s commemoration is “Celebrating Lokiriama Peace Accord to inspire, replicate and build cross border peace”.

In his speech, the Governor reiterated his commitment to institute development projects in the crossborder region. He highlighted projects the County Government has planned for this financial year to improve livelihoods of residents.

The Governor also announced that planning for Moru Anayece will soon begin and will involve all players in the peace process. He reiterated the festival’s contribution to bring peace between the Turkana and Jie communities.

The county boss restated his stance to work with President William Ruto and welcomed a message of support from the president delivered by former Speaker of the County Assembly and Advisor in the Office of the Deputy President Geoffrey Kaituko.

He also promised to work with the County Assembly and provide support for them to discharge their duties with dignity and respect.

On development, the Governor stated that he will review all stalled projects and ensure they were completed as soon as possible, key among them water projects meant to serve residents.

He directed the County Secretary Peter Eripete, County procurement and the Ministry of Water Services to follow up on stalled water projects in the county, including the Lokiriama water project in a fortnight to ensure works begin or get a different contractor.

Deputy Governor Dr. John Erus said the Governor was committed to ensure stability and peace in the region. He said ensuring peaceful coexistence was a critical duty for all stakeholders.

The ceremony was attended by dignitaries from Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia. The Chief Guest, Uganda Minister for Mineral Resources Peter Lokeris.

Speaker Christopher Nakuleu agreed on need for unity among Turkana leaders in push for peace and security in volatile corridors of the county.

Leaders who spoke include former Loima MP Protus Akuja, former Turkana Central MP John Lodepe, County Secretary Peter Eripete, MCAs Lawrence Lomuria (Lokiriama/Lorengippi, Ruth Kuya (Lodwar Township), Michael Aemun (Kaputir) among others.


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