Lokichoggio, 16th December 2022 (Governor’s Press Service)– Leaders from Turkana, Toposa and Karamoja have today renewed their commitment to fostering peaceful coexistence amongst the communities living in the borderlands of Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

In a meeting held jointly chaired by Turkana Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai, Uganda Minister of State for Mineral Development Peter Lokeris and Kapoeta East Commissioner Lokeno Abdalla of South Sudan, the leaders passed resolutions to be implemented by governments and other peace stakeholders in the region.

The resolutions include the formation of a joint task force to review past MoUs, coordinate the implementation of agreements and resolutions, and coordinate peace efforts.

Other resolutions are a commitment by the leaders to support ongoing initiatives by the National Governments to resolve issues over boundaries of the countries in the region. The leaders acknowledged that this was a mandate of the national government.

The leaders also agreed to invest in road infrastructure under the mandate of sub-national governments, as a basis for sustainable development and developing cross-border trade.

The meeting committed to supporting security operations to weed out community members engaged in crime across the borderland, such as cattle rustlers.

Leaders also resolved to strengthen the use of sports and culture as platforms to boost community cohesion and sustainable peace.

Governor Lomorukai urged leaders to support disarmament efforts to address conflicts.

“We need to address the issue of armament and I ask leaders not to fear addressing the disarmament of communities as long as the operations were fair. As the leadership of Turkana, we have agreed to support disarmament as a path to sustainable cross-border peace,” he said.

Minister Lokeris said: “We have to end enmity within the Ateker community to realise the great potential which exists within our lands. We have no reason to continue with meaningless conflicts.”

Deputy Governor Dr John Erus asked leaders to embrace the unity that the region continued to espouse. He expressed support for the resolution to form a joint task force to implement the MoUs signed.

The Governor is accompanied by County First Lady Lillian Ekamais.

Other leaders from Uganda include MP for Jie County Abraham Loki, Resident District Commissioners from Napak, Kotido and Abim, Members of Parliament, as well as a host of other leaders. Also present is a delegation of leaders from South Sudan.

Turkana West Deputy County Commissioner Mwachaunga Chaunga represented the County Commissioner in the meeting.

Members of Parliament present were Dr Ariko Namoit (Turkana South), Protus Akuja (Loima), Nicholas Ng’ikor (Turkana East), Woman Rep Cecilia Asinyen, Ekwom Nabuin (Turkana North) and Emathe Namuar (Turkana Central).

MCAs present are led by Deputy Speaker Philip Ekuwom and include Leader of Majority Stephen Edukon Lokichoggio and MCA Vincent Ekipor.

Senior County Government officials present included County Secretary Peter Eripete, County Attorney Erastus Ethekon, County Executive Committee Members Patrick Losike (Infrastructure), Leah Audan (Education), James Wangiros (Public Service), Dr Iris Mariao (Tourism), Elizabeth Loote (Trade) and David Erukudi (Agriculture, Livestock Development and Fisheries) and Peter Akono (Lands), among other officers.

Community representatives present included a delegation of Turkana residents residing outside the county, led by their association chairman Justus Ekeno.

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