Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA) today visited the County Department of Lands to get guidance on compensation modalities in regards to Kainuk Cess and ECD Centre which were demolished during the construction of A1 Road.

“The compensation pending is for the public facilities and community households. National Land Commission (NLC) is under instruction to make a follow up with the individual members whom were affected too”. Clarified Eng. Philemon Kilimo, who is Stakeholders Liaison Officer-KENHA.

On Kakuma street lights, Eng. Kilimo said that street lights project is in the socio-economic infrastructure project offered by KENHA it is still under construction. The truck park lots are also incomplete.

Once complete, he said will be handed over to the County Government.

CEC Lands, Peter Akono told them that it was a good move for the KENHA to consider compensating the government’s structures demolished during the construction of the Highway Road.

CEC Akono stresses that the Lands Department should jointly work with NLC to determine how much land and people are due for compensation and the right legal procedure must be followed.

Equally, he also said that, as a result of the land index, the structures that were demolished were zero-rated and the owners were to be compensated at individual level.

Away from compensation, the CEC informed KENHA of the challenges experienced during the floods   within the Department of Lands Offices and around Nakoriek Primary School.

He requested if the Authority can consider putting culverts in the identified sites to avoid destruction of property and health hazards during the flooding.

Egiron Joseph (Director Surveys), Victor Lekaram(Director, Urban Areas Management), John lokoli ( Acting Director Administration) and Kennedy Ewoton (Stakeholder Liaison Assistant-KENHA) were present in the meeting.