The recently appointed chairpersons of Ward Bursary appraisal committees in Turkana have today been inducted to pave way for full operation of the County

Skills Development Fund.

The chairpersons drawn from all the 30 wards were informed of what was ethically and professionally expected of them in addition to relationship with other offices during the discharge of their duty.

Jane Tioko, the chief officer for ECDE and social protection congratulated the inductees and reminded them of the difficult task ahead of ensuring fair and equal distribution of Bursary funds at the ward and village level.

Chief Janerose Tioko clarified to the inductees that they were expected to receive and process applications from secondary schools, mid-level tertiary colleges and Universities as well as those pursuing vocational skills training.

Chief Tioko urged the chairpersons to move with speed and constitute the appraisal teams for the purpose of executing Bursary disbursement for those expected to join form one early next month.

On his part, Stephen Eregae reported that proper governance of Bursary disbursement was Governor Lomorukais’ agenda for boosting skills development and raising the calibre of education sector.

Chief Eregae urged the chairpersons to consider county needs and give priority attention to rare skills and development of technical competence that has been lacking in the County.

Chief Eregae added that the County had a robust legal infrastructure from which the chairperson could refer and rely for decision making.

Present during event were Jonathan Ekai (Director Administration), Echwa Ejore (Administrator, Bursary), Rev. Jackson Iruko and the sub county education officers.

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13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024