County Government-led cross border peace program between Turkana of Kenya and Karamojong of Uganda along the Lokiriama corridor, has received a major boost after a group of beauty models have vowed to support the initiative.

At a meeting with the County’s Director for Peace Building and Conflict Management, Geoffrey Apedor today, the team revealed their plans to integrate peace messages in all their events.

Beauty Models agreed to establish Miss Peace Initiative as a strategy for public sensitization to discourage cattle-related conflict along the border.

Led by Ugandan’s Miss Culture 2022, Hellen Kiyai, Beauty Models divulged that they had secured radio talk shows in Karamojong, Uganda as a platform to preach cross border peace between the Ateker communities.

Noting that most Turkana Pastoralists had crossed over to Uganda in search of pasture and water for their animals, Kiyai says “we will endevour to take advantage of the shared language and the radio platform to spread the gospel of peace beyond the territory for peaceful co-existence of communities”.

Director Apedor described the entry of the Beauty Models into the Peace Sector as a welcomed venture thus strengthening actor’s efforts to positively impact on the peace building process.

“We assure you of our support going forward, to work together with the model team. We will learn and replicate the model strategy in our peace activities in Turkana,” he Said.

We have every reason to individually and collectively maintain the already existing peace at all costs,” reiterated Director Apedor.

He emphasized  that the model’s sensitization of the communities would play a great role of promoting behaviour change in transforming  cattle rustlers into peace ambassadors.

(SAPCONE Peace Building Officer), Francis Lotitipu. Joshua Eregae (PBO, Loima and T. West), Abdi Achegei(PBO, Kibish and T. North), Symon Enyapu and Patrick Lomojo as office administrators, Interns, attachees as well as Duty officers at the CSR were in attendance.

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