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Lodwar County Referral Hospital (LCRH) Board paid a courtesy call to Health CEC Dr Anthony Apalia in his office.

Led by its chair Basra Ali, the Board lays out the plans to ensure the hospital is responsive to patient’s needs and offer quality healthcare services.

CEC Dr Apalia said that Ministry is planning to make specialized services accessible to the community by hiring more specialists and strengthening the referral system.

Dr. Apalia noted the board’s request to equip LCRH with essential specialized medical equipment for managing critically injured patients.

“The LCRH will soon offer urology, oncology and plastic surgery as additional specialized services in the facility”, said the CEC

Ali added that  the Board plans to fully operationalise amenity outpatient to raise revenues for the hospital to improve general medical services. Developments ent of the five-year strategic plan was also key to the LCRH.

The Board lauded on the effectiveness of the recently launched projects-an integrated solar water desalination system for drinking, irrigation, fish farm and waste recycling) that will make hospital operations more sustainable.

The board chair was accompanied by Dr Epem Esekon – Director/CEO LCRH, and other board members Fr. Paul Areman, Robert Lochuch, Jacinta Epeyon and Moses Ikoel. The Chief Officer was represented by Joyce Illikwel, Director Administration.