Nachukui, 22nd March 2023 (Governor’s Press Service) – Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai has reiterated his commitment to serve all residents of Turkana equally regardless of how they voted in the last elections.

He said: “We have agreed to work with elected leaders who are focused on service delivery to residents. It is now time to deliver for residents of Turkana. If we pursue divisions it is the people who will suffer. My agenda is the unity of purpose focused on development for the people.”

“You will not be my friend if your agenda is to divide residents of Turkana along political lines. For us who are focused on service delivery, we will not be distracted by detractors pushing divisive politics,” he said thanking residents of Turkana North for voting for him in the last elections.

The Governor was speaking today when he presided over celebrations to mark World Water Day in Nachukui, Lakezone Ward.

The Governor also launched the Nachukui Water Project, a Sh30 million partnership project implemented by the County Government and Save the Children to serve 1600 households and 5000 livestock units.

The county boss announced plans by the administration to develop water systems in Turkana including an overhaul of the water supply in Lodwar Municipality strained by the expansion of the town.

He said: “We have set aside more than Sh700million for the development of water infrastructure in the county, with Lodwar municipality being the primary beneficiary of the funding.”

“We are constructing nine steel tanks of 100m3 each in Lodwar, with five high-yielding boreholes already drilled and equipped to supply around 150m3/hr of water to residents in Nabulon, Napuu, Nawoitorong, and the surrounding areas.”

Other water projects the Governor highlighted include a Sh27 million project from Napekair to Merikuka in Lapur ward, boreholes drilled and equipped in Kakiteitei in the Kapedo Napeitom ward and Lokoriokot in Lopii.

He informed residents that the county was engaging water experts from Dubai to implement plans to establish desalination plants to boost water development efforts.

Chairman of the County Assembly Budget Committee Patrick Napion (Kaeris) assured residents that the house will approve a budget allocation for four new drilling rigs to support the implementation of the Governor’s water agenda.

On insecurity, Governor Lomorukai calls for engagements with CS for Interior Prof. Kithure Kindiki to discuss disarmament measures in remote areas known to be bandit hideouts. He said special consideration was needed to ensure innocent residents of Turkana were not affected.

MCAs present included Michael Egialan (Lakezone), Eliud Emoni (Kakuma), Abdifatah Kapua (Kaaleng’/Kaikor), and Willy Napuyo (Kapedo/Napeitom), nominated members Esther Mana, Mary Nakapwan, Jacinta Abenyo Maraka, and Selina Idoko.

Ag. County Executive for Water Peter Akono thanked partners who contributed to the completion of the Nachukui water project. He asked for support from other partners to set up a bigger tank in the area. County Executives Iris Mariao (Tourism) and Dr Anthony Apalia (Health) were also present.

Other senior county officials present included Chief Officers Simon Etom (Ag. Water Services) and Benedict Mukoo (Ag. Tourism); Director for ECDE Samuel Eregae, Turkana West Sub County Admin Dr Joshua Napoco and Ag. Water Director Paul Lotum.