Validation and Registration Enumerators Receive Training today at Ceamo Hotel

Validation and Registration Enumerators Receive Training today at Ceamo Hotel

The training of enumerators for the purpose of vetting and enrolling eligible households into a relief food distribution program under the LISHA JAMII initiative has today been concluded in Turkana Central.

The World Food Program (WFP) led initiative with support from the County and National Government agencies targets to enroll 28,813 Households at designated Food Distribution Points (FDPs) for a six months support between April and September 2023.

While addressing the Trainees, Moses Nawoton the Acting Director for Disaster Management called upon them to ensure that all the eligible households were duly registered so as not to disadvantage the vulnerable groups.

The director further divulged that talks were at advanced stage to digitize future registrations and apply IT enabled solutions for the management of registration data.

Noting that the Turkana was one of the ten Counties benefiting from the LISHA JAMII program courtesy of funding by the American Government, Director Nawoton appreciated the gesture and pledged that the Disaster Management directorate will work with other implementing agencies to ensure the program succeeds.

The areas’ Deputy County Commissioner called upon the trained enumerators to fully apply the selection criteria provided by the World Food Program during the training period.

The DCC added that the recognition of stakeholders and inclusion of areas’ civil societies would strengthen the program and increase its acceptance in the community.

According to WFP, the validated beneficiaries are set to receive up to 69 Kgs of assorted food for the period earmarked for the program.

Other Government representatives who attended the training were:

DCC-Turkana East, DCC Turkana South, ACC Lokichoggio and Sub county Administration leadership.


13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024