Turkana Council of Elders choose their leaders

Turkana Council of Elders choose their leaders

The Turkana Council of Elders has new office bearers after the second official election was conducted on Saturday 25th March 2023.

The election was conducted at Ceamo Village Lodwar  in the presence of Ag Director of Culture, Lemmy Ejorewoia and a host of culture and administration officers

A total of 70 members, representing all the sub-counties, agreed to elect the officials through secret ballot with the Ag director of culture, Mr. Lemmy Ejorewoia presiding over the elections as the Returning Officer.

Abraham Lokuwom emerged the winner after garnering 54 votes out of the 70 votes cast while his only opponent Mr. Ekaran Abok gannered 16 votes.

Also elected included Samuel Eregae as the Vice chairperson, Cosmas Namaa as the Secretary, John Kaatho as the vice secretary.

During the treasurer’s position election, two contestants were competing namely Ekalale Lochakula who garnered 58 votes against his opponent Mr. Ekunoit who managed 10 votes. Vice treasurer elected was Mr. Benjamin Ebenyo.

Also elected was the coordinator Mr, Peter Lomiinyi who garnered 53 votes against his opponent Mr. Philip Eyanae Emathe who managed 15 votes.

Speaking after the endorsement, Abraham regretted the erosion of Turkana culture, which he vowed to restore during his tenure.

He said the roots of Turkana culture and their origin was slowly diminishing and, unless action is taken now, the community would not have anything to be proud of.

As a community, he added, the Turkana people have a wealth of culture that, for decades, had shielded them from committing wrong and, instead, bringing unity of purpose.

“We have to call several meetings aimed at restoring some cultural values that used to keep us together as a community,” Abraham said.

He further said, as a people, we have to trace our origin and establish were we came from and where we are heading to.

“If we are not careful, a day will come when we will ask ourselves where we came from.”

The Chairperson asked the culture department to allocate funds to train the elders the content of the constitution to be used in management of council affairs.

Also present was security team led by OCS Mr. Mutegi and support from Turkana central OCPD Mr. Lemmy.


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