Lodwar, 5th May 2023 (Governor’s Press Service)- Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai today presided over the swearing-in of 18 new Chief Officers in a ceremony held at Ekaales Centre. The Governor congratulated the new appointees and expressed his confidence that they will serve the people of Turkana County with distinction and contribute to the realization of the County’s nine-point agenda.

In his speech, Governor Lomorukai emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in all actions taken by senior government officials.

“I want to reiterate that any form of corruption or misappropriation of public funds will not be tolerated. I know why the last government failed to deliver. It’s because senior officers come into office with the intention to enrich themselves and not to serve.

“As accounting officers, Chief Officers have to be at the forefront of our campaign to maintain financial prudence which has earned our county recognition in the country. I am proud to announce that Turkana has been feted as one of 17 devolved units noted for their financial discipline,” he said

The Governor, who was accompanied by County First Lady Lillian Ekamais, also thanked the County Assembly led by Speaker Christopher Nakuleu for the prompt vetting and approval of the Chief Officers and the support the house continues to offer the County Executive.

He assured the Assembly of his commitment to collaboration between the Executive and Assembly in service to the people of Turkana.

The count boss also addressed the issue of fair distribution of senior government positions and promised to continue striving for diversity and inclusion when filling vacancies in the county. He also announced upcoming transfers in critical departments including procurement, to improve service delivery.

He outlined his administration’s commitment to investing in building the resilience of Turkana’s people against climate shocks, addressing water shortages faced by residents, and promoting local agriculture through irrigation schemes and supplying certified seeds to farmers engaged in rain-fed agriculture.

Governor Lomorukai stated that he was committed to returning Turkana pastoralists currently in Uganda to graze their livestock within the county saying that they were facing many problems in Uganda including arbitrary arrests and unlawful court-martial by the UPDF. He said Turkana leaders will seek an audience with President Ruto to push for the release of Kenyans incarcerated in Uganda.

Speaker Christopher Nakuleu encouraged leaders to shun disunity and rally behind an agenda of serving residents. He advised Members of the National Assembly to focus on representing the county at the national level and give the Governor space to deliver on his mandate.

Turkana Central MP Emathe Namuar termed as enemy of Turkana politician working to besmirch the name of the Governor before law enforcement agencies. He thanked the Governor for working to alleviate the challenge of water shortages in Lodwar Town.

His Turkana South counterpart Dr. Ariko Namoit promised the Governor of his support insisting that he fought for the election of the county boss and had a duty to back him to succeed.

Woman Representative Cecilia Asinyen stated that leaders support for the Governor was unconditional as he had exhibited a genuine commitment to serving all residents of Turkana.

MCAs present were led by Deputy Speaker Philip Ekuwam (Nanam), Leader of Minority Samuel Lomodo (Lokichar), Majority Whip Samal Etubon (Katilu) and Minority Whip Vincent Ekipor (Lokichoggio).

Senior County Government officials present were led by County Secretary Peter Eripete.


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