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Kakong’u, 9th May 2023 (Governor’s Press Service) 

Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai and Turkana County Commissioner Jacob Ouma witnessed the voluntary surrender of 20 firearms in Kakong’u, Turkana South today. The firearms were willingly surrendered in response to an appeal by leaders, led by Governor Lomorukai, who also requested additional deployment of NPRs.

Governor Lomorukai stated that the surrender of firearms by Turkana residents demonstrated their respect for the government. He commended the heads of security agencies in Turkana County for their readiness to serve and collaborate with leaders.

“The surrender of firearms is a sign of our respect for the government, and we will follow the directives of the President. We hope that the government will reciprocate this gesture by replacing the surrendered firearms with NPRs to enhance security,” said the Governor.

Governor Lomorukai highlighted the long-standing practice of Turkana residents surrendering firearms to the government and their willingness to cooperate with and respect the security forces in the region.

He reiterated his commitment to supporting President Ruto and ensuring effective collaboration between the National and County Governments for the development of the region.

“We will persist in urging our people to surrender firearms, and I challenge our neighbours to do the same and demonstrate the number of firearms they have surrendered,” he added.

The Governor also shared that he had received assurances from heads of security agencies in the country that the government would prevent the annexation of land in Turkana.

County Commissioner Ouma expressed his gratitude to the leaders and residents of Turkana for voluntarily surrendering firearms. He assured that the security forces deployed would remain vigilant in protecting the residents and emphasized that criminals who choose not to follow the law will face consequences.

He instructed police officers in the region to enhance security measures in response to the positive actions demonstrated by the residents. He also directed that individuals who surrendered firearms should be included in the group to be vetted during the next phase of NPR recruitment.

Regarding the proposed establishment of a GSU post near Kainuk, Commissioner Ouma called for calm and clarified that the post was part of the new security force’s camps being set up to improve security. He said the development will be driven by security agencies.

The Commissioner pledged to continue working with all elected leaders to protect and secure the residents and their property.

Woman Representative Cecilia Asinyen echoed the sentiments of the Governor, emphasizing that Turkana residents would stand firm in protecting their ancestral land. She pledged to work closely with Governor Lomorukai to address the challenges faced by the residents.

Also present were MCAs from Turkana South, led by Leader of Minority Samuel Lomodo, who expressed support for the security operation aimed at ending banditry.

Other MCAs who spoke included Samuel Aliwo (Lobokat), Samal Etubon (Katilu), Aemun Michael (Kaputir), Linus Echeme (Kalapata) and Dorcas Epusiye (nominated).