Lokichogio, 6th July 2023 (Governor’s Press Service) – The government today operationalized Lokichogio Sub-County and installed a new Deputy County Commissioner. Cabinet Secretary for Interior Prof Kithure Kindiki said the move was meant to improve service delivery to residents and boost security.

“I pray that this new sub-county will improve the security within Turkana West and Turkana County in general. I have asked the new DCC and other departmental heads to serve without discrimination,” he said.

He announced that the government had deployed Sub-County officers incharge of the National Registration Bureau for the issuance of IDs, registration deaths and births, the Director of Education, Immigration Officer and heads of security agencies for the new sub-county.

The new sub-county will have four divisions: Nanam, Lokichogio, Songot and Nadapal, six locations and 14 sub-locations.

Kindiki called for patience from citizens as the government addressed causes of insecurity, including banditry and terrorism, promising that the government would win eventually. He said the government was aware of the infiltration of bandits into the South Turkana National Reserve and announced that the entire park had been declared a “scene of crime.”

“We are going to declare an all-out war on everybody who is hiding there committing crimes in the name of looking for pasture, and once the gazette notices are out, only wild animals and KWS officials will be allowed to be present within the park. Anybody found within that reserve after the expiry of the notice will be treated as a suspect for armed banditry,” he stated.

Kindiki promised that the government’s program to train National Police Reservists would continue, with a further 370 more NPRs set to be trained by August in a bid to boost security in the county.

He promised to visit the county again for the launch of Aroo, Lokiriama and Suguta Sub-counties, other administration units and additional government development and peace projects.

On cross-border peace, Kindiki said the government had begun a program using area leaders, including the Governor and former Cabinet Secretary John Munyes and local peace committees to pursue the peaceful coexistence of communities.

He stated that the government would soon operationalize the Todonyang and Lokiriama border posts to boost cross-border trade and grow revenue. He said the president was keen to keep his promise to rehabilitate the Lokichoggio International Airport.

Governor Lomorukai commended the government and President Ruto for the new sub-county and asked the CS to operationalize the Lokiriama, Aroo and Suguta sub-counties. He urged Kindiki to deal firmly with resurgent banditry following recent attacks targeting motorists along the Kainuk-Kakong’u road. He called for additional recruitment of NPRs to the 140 already trained and deployed.

The Governor insisted that residents of Turkana were peace-loving and condemned leaders from neighbouring West Pokot who had politicized the banditry menace. He asked the CS to help rehabilitate schools and resettlement schemes destroyed by bandits in Turkana East and Turkana South.

Area MP Epuyo Nanok appealed for the completion of the road linking Kenya to South Sudan, the roll-out of agriculture projects in Lotikipi plains and the revival of operations at the Lokichoggio Airport.

Woman Representative Cecilia Ngitit proposed the increase in military bases along international borders to boost cross-border security. Speaker Christopher Nakuleu echoed calls for additional NPRs.

Other leaders present were former Cabinet Secretary John Munyes and MCAs Vincent Ekipor (Lokichogio), Deputy Speaker Philip Ekuwam (Nanam), Deputy Leader of Majority Abdifatah Kapua (Kaaleng/Kaikor), Bethwel Kobong’in (Songot), Julius Apuron (Kalobeyei), and Ruth Kuya (Lodwar Township).

Others were nominated MCAs Rebecca Epae, Jecinta Abenyo, Selina Idoko, Rebecca Asinyen, Esther Apetet and Sarah Abdi.

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