Lodwar, 20th July 2023 (Governor’s Press Service) – Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai today launched the first phase of a land regularisation exercise for Lodwar Municipality. This is the first step in a four-phase which will result in the issuance of proper land ownership documentation for the municipality’s residents.

The county is partnering with the National Land Commission (NLC) and the Ministry of Land, Public Works, Housing, and Urban Development in the exercise. The process will involve reviewing the integrated development plan for Lodwar, preparing authenticated survey plans, and verifying the beneficiaries for land parcels.

The Governor emphasized that the land regularisation exercise will guarantee land ownership and contribute to the growth of the municipality.

“The exercise will not only secure land ownership but also unlock access to capital for landowners, allowing them to leverage their land for loans from financial institutions, thereby fostering further growth and development in Lodwar Municipality,” he said.

The Governor also rolled out the preparation of integrated urban development plans for Katilu, Kalobeyei, and Lokiriama, and the development of the County Spatial Plan. The urban integrated urban development will take six months while the county spatial plan will be completed within 18 months.

He said the plans will address cross-cutting issues including climate change, gender, disaster risk reduction, persons with disabilities, and age, through proper planning.

“The plans will guide the orderly spatial development of our various urban centres and the county; align with strategic national, regional, and county policies, identify and manage vital natural resources, revitalize industries and commerce, address environmental concerns, and resolve boundary issues with our neighbours,” he said.

The Governor, who was accompanied by County First Lady Lillian Ekamais, commended the Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Urban Areas Management for their dedication to the success of these initiatives.

Deputy Governor Dr John Erus announced plans to establish collaboration between Lodwar and Kakuma Municipalities, with developed cities in the world for technology and knowledge sharing to boost their development.

County Commissioner Jacob Ouma challenged the land surveyors to be faithful in their jobs to prevent conflicts over land in future.

On his part, Turkana Central MP Emathe Namuar asked the teams engaged in land regularisation to address the grabbing of public land including recreational parks in the Lodwar Municipality and public schools.

County Executive for Lands Peter Akono promised residents that the land regularisation exercise was planned to be completed this year. He said spatial planning was critical in urbanisation.

Chair of the County Assembly Committee on Lands Losuru Patrick led a host of members of the committee present, including Gilbert Topos (Lopur), Vincent Ekipor and nominated members Lillian Ejore and Dorcas Epusiye.

Other MCAs present were Leader of Majority Stephen Edukon, Leader of Minority Samuel Lomodo, Majority Whip Samal Etubon, James Ikeny (Kanamkemer), Ruth Kuya (Lodwar Township), Anarclet Lemuya (Lobei/Kotaruk) and Lawrence Lopayo (Lokiriama/Lorengippi).

The event was attended by a host of senior county officials led by County Secretary Peter Eripete, Deputy County Secretary Joseph Nyang’a; County Executives Leah Audan (Education), Faith Aletea (Water) and Iris Mariao (Tourism).

Senior county staff present included Chief Officers Leah Nasuru (Lands), Cathra Abdi (Municipalities), Paul Lodung’a (Office of the Governor), Triza Amoni (Tourism), Robert Loyelei (Sports and Vocational Training), and Mark Achilla (Roads and Transport), as well as Advisors Ekiru Tulele (Legal) and Ambassador Richard Ekai (Economic).

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