At least 35 instructors of various Vocational training institutions in Turkana have been awarded certificates in occupational health and safety.
This was after they completed a four-day and rigorous training supported by the International Labour Organization (ILO).
The Director for Vocational Training and Education, Stephen Eregae, said that is impressed the graduates have successfully completed the training program, which was a result of the partnership between the county government and ILO.
“We are happy the first team of people skilled in occupational health and safety issues have graduated. The team will be trainers of trainees to transfer the skills to all vocational instructors and staff of the education sector, “ Director Eregae said.
He added that the newly trained team will be used to develop preliminary interventions to inform pathways for handling accidents, illnesses, and vulnerability at the workplace, as the government moves to prepare a comprehensive guideline on such issues.
According to him, the dynamic nature of the education sector and the workplace in general considered it important to have skills in occupational health and safety to effectively respond to challenges faced by minority groups, persons with disabilities, and victims of alcohol addiction, among other problems.
Director Eregae said that the skills come at a time when the county is expecting an upsurge in enrollment in its TVET institutions following the recent campaigns to encourage youth to take up vocational training.
He insisted that the new learners would benefit from the skilled teaching workforce.
The ILO certificates are expected to be issued to the graduates in the coming weeks.
The event was also used to conclude the four-week training on the emerging cobblestone technology and the issuance of certificates to the successful graduates of the ILO-sponsored program.

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13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024