In a promising step towards collaboration and partnership, officials from VNG International paid a visit to the Deputy Governor’s office, to discuss opportunities for cooperation with the County Government.
Led by Dr. Abduba Mulla Ido, a baseline consultant, the VNG team provided insights into their ongoing programs, aimed at supporting refugees and migrants.
They expressed their commitment to aiding the county in addressing refugee-related issues. And more to understand the county’s coordination effort with partners regarding the integration of refugees and host communities.
Deputy Governor Dr. John Erus elaborated on the extensive areas of collaboration and partnership being considered.
He emphasized the key priorities for the county, highlighting the provision of business opportunities through the Challenge Fund by the International Finance Corporation (IFC).
He told them of the importance of extending such initiatives to other sub-counties across Turkana.
Dr. Erus also stressed the need to build the capacity of the people to encourage funding and promote self-sufficiency.
The DG further discussed the importance of enhancing revenue generation by investing in vocational training.
The goal, he said, is to target various value chains in Turkana, thus fostering economic growth and stability in the region.
On SGBV, DG pointed out the significance of addressing issues related to SGBV, within the framework of social protection. He also mentioned the county’s expansion of the social protection bill.
Dr. Erus shared his experiences dealing with complex crises and highlighted the ecosystem of relationships between Kakuma and refugees.
He shed light on the County Government’s active engagement in border social dialogue and cooperation with the National Government’s Ushirika Plan.
In addition to this, he stated the development and implementation of a spatial plan is a top priority for the county.
The meeting exemplifies a commitment to collaboration and a shared vision for addressing the challenges faced by the county, particularly those that concern refugees and the host community.
In attendance were Thomas Kiyonga (Deputy Director of Climate Change), Grainne Kidakwa (Resident program manager VNG international), and Ignatius Namuya (community link VNG).

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13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024