The members of the proposed Turkana County Pastoralist Association have elected Eliud Kerio Long’acha as the interim chairperson. The nine officials will oversee the management of the Association until next year, when the Annual General Meeting will be held for official elections.
At the end of the workshop, the pastoralist representatives from the 30 Wards elected the interim officials. The workshop was organized by the Department of Livestock in collaboration with the Frontier Counties Development Council (FCDC).
The workshop was meant to raise awareness on the formation and election of interim officials to run the Turkana County Pastoralist Association.
The Association would carry out advocacy and representation, livelihood support, capacity building, and knowledge sharing.
It will also support in influencing policies, networking, peace-building, and conflict resolution.
In his opening remarks, County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture, Livestock Development and Fisheries, Anthony Apalia elaborated on the significance of establishing the Association in line with the government’s dedication to enhancing the livestock sector development through collaboration and partnership.
He outlined the government’s commitment to supporting livestock development and underscored the sector’s vital contribution to both local and national economies.
Dr. Apalia also acknowledged FCDC’s role in facilitating the formation of the Pastoralist Association and highlighted the County Government’s plans to revitalize livestock infrastructure through a strategic partnership with the Kenya Meat Commission.
The FCDC is currently overseeing the implementation of its draft constitution in Marsabit, Mandera, Wajir, Samburu, Isiolo, Garrisa, Tana River, Lamu, and West Pokot.
The Chief Officer for Livestock Development, Dr Ezekiel Etelej, thanked the pastoralist group for turning up in large numbers for the meeting, describing it as a positive step towards the involvement of the pastoralist community in the affairs of the Association.
Elim LimLim, who represents FCDC said it would fast-track capacity building and networking among livestock stakeholders.
The effort, he said, would promote peaceful coexistence and improve market access for traders.
The Director for Livestock Production, Bobby Ekadon was hopeful and confident the workshop would facilitate connections between pastoralists and rangeland management committees, aiding in the development of grazing plans and patterns.
He urged partners to embrace the Association concept and provide support for its implementation.
The meeting drew participants from the County Livestock Marketing Council (CLMC), Kenya Livestock Producers Association (KLPA), Kenya Camel Association (KCA), and County Dairy Goats Association (CDGA) among others.
Deputy Director for Livestock Marketing, Ernest Anzeze, and County Dairy Non-Ruminant Production Officer, Hosea Eleman, were also present during the meeting.

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13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024