The County Department of Agriculture distributes farm tools and certified seeds to Kapelibok farmers of Kaputir Ward, Turkana South Sub-county.
The Director of Agriculture, Aaron Nanok, led a team of officers in the seed distribution exercise.
The distributed seeds, watermelon, spinach, cowpeas, kale, and tomato, were donated by VSF Germany as part of their livelihoods support program.
This program, initiated three years ago, has supported farmers in Kapelbok with essential resources such as water, farm tools, seeds, and livestock vaccinations.
Director Nanok emphasized the importance of consulting the County Government and farmers before purchasing seeds. He urged the farmers to continue with their commitment and hard work in enhancing food security.
He highlighted that such collaboration would contribute to scaling up and commercializing food production, which aligned with the Governor’s agenda on food security.
County Cooperatives Officer Gabriel Okata expressed gratitude to VSF Germany for the support, noting that the distributed seeds aimed to cover 750 hectares.
VSF Project Lead Francis Lolimo reiterated the support to over 800 farmers across Kapelibok, Juluk, and Nawepeto Irrigation Schemes, would contribute to reducing malnutrition.
Also in attendance were Sub-county Agriculture Officer Francis Ekumu, Sub-County Crop Officer Lucy Angiror, VSF Germany Project Manager Peter Mutevu, and Ward Administrator Simon Koloi

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13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024