Turkana coaches in various sports and those intending to become coaches in the future will get a major boost following the capacity-building clinics organized by KNVB, a world-renowned sporting organization popularly known for organizing the Dutch Football Leagues in the Netherlands.
The County Executive for Sports, Education, and Social Protection Leah Audan disclosed that after hosting the officials of Klabu Organization and World Coaches, who paid a courtesy call to discuss sports development in Turkana.
The Program aims at growing the standards of the Sports through coaching skills that can be locally utilized by sporting teams in Turkana.
CECM Audan said the coaching skills would strengthen the already existing talent hubs, which have been winning various competitions even without high-class coaching.
She added that coaching skills would pave the way for competitive sports into admission to a more diverse and lucrative game in local, regional, and international spheres.
Jesse Beesems, the World Coaches Program Coordinator, described the entity as a global outfit with huge international coaching and training experience especially in the world of soccer and athletics.
He added that the focus of the Organization was to identify and develop sporting talents through the provision of quality coaching to grow it to the global stage.
Beesems highlighted that the World Coaches Program mainly focuses on personal development, health, and social cohesion, which directly contribute to the SDGs.
The Chief Officer for Sports and Vocational Training, John Korikel, encouraged continuous consultation between the Department and the Partners, for the maximization of sporting talents in Turkana.
Others who spoke were James Nateleng (Director of Sports) and Jackson Nakusa (Deputy Director, of Sports).
Delegation from World Coaches were; Tom Freijsen (KNVB), Daniel Kamerino (KLABU), Issa Shaher (Content Creator KNVB), and Martha Karimi (World Coaches Instructor).

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