The County Government through the Department of Disaster Management together with a multi-sectoral team of humanitarian and disaster response actors are visiting Lake Turkana on a three-day fact-finding mission to evaluate the threat posed by the overflowing water of the Lake.
The Directorate of Disaster Risk Management is taking the lead.
The multi-sectoral team includes representatives from the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA), Save the Children, Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS), SAPCONE, International Rescue Committee (IRC), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Danish Refugee Council (DRC), and World Vision Kenya.
The Director for Disaster Risk Management Moses Nawoton said the assessment aims at collecting vital data that will inform the humanitarian response required.
It will also help, he said, to determine and recommend the areas that are safe grounds for the residents to relocate to.
“Upon completion of this assessment, a detailed report will be available to the County Steering Group (CSG), for decision-making,” Nawoton stated.
He disclosed the assessment was prompted by reports from local leadership and residents, highlighting widespread displacement of the people and loss of property along areas on the shores of Lake Turkana.
The assessment comes at a time when Lake Turkana and many other Lakes in parts of the country are grappling with enhanced rainfall, resulting in the overflow of water bodies.
After the three days, the team would have visited; Eliye, Naoros, Namukuse, Kalokol, Katiko, Nachukui, Kataboi, Lowareng’ak, and Todonyang.
These areas are located along the shores of the Lake and at the same time significant as the residents rely on fishing and fish trade as their only economic activity.
Residents living along the shores of Lake Turkana have historically borne the brunt of the Lake’s overflow, experiencing displacement and loss of property.
The current visit by the Disaster Management team aims to evaluate the immediate challenges for it to come up with the proper response required.

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13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024