The Directorate of Livestock Production, together with their counterparts from the private sector, has completed a five-day training on livestock feed formulation.
This training, which educated 15 value chain service providers, and facilitated by the Agriculture Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP), is a component of the Meat Goat Innovation Concept.
As part of the program, ASDSP has supported the establishment of pasture plots at Oropoi, Nanyangakippi, Lorugum, NaurienPuu, Simailele, Kakong’u, and Lokubae.
The County Chief Officer for Livestock Development and Fisheries, Dr. Ezekiel Etelej, emphasized the significance of the training and highlighted the Department’s focus on pasture growth, as a solution to the scarcity of vegetation for livestock, caused by climate change.
The trained officers will play a pivotal role in further educating value chain actors on pasture production.
Dr Ektelej expressed optimism that training livestock stakeholders from both the government and private sector will raise awareness of the value chain and enhance livestock productivity in the county.
ASDSP County Coordinator, Bonface Okita, pointed out that the training was aligned with the program’s goal of transforming the livestock sector into a commercially viable enterprise for sustainable food and nutrition security.
According to him, building the capacity of the service providers is crucial for the sustainability of pasture production and economic development.
To support this initiative, the program plans to distribute 10 hay balers to pasture-producing groups, facilitating increased production and commercialization of hay in Turkana.

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13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024