GOVERNOR LOMORUKAI CALLS FOR UNITY AMONG LEADERS Kainuk, 22nd December 2023 (Governor’s Press Service)

Governor Lomorukai has urged leaders to unite for the common good of the residents of Turkana. He made this plea during the retirement celebration of Madam Elizabeth Nadio, who was celebrating 41 years as a teacher, having served in the profession since September 1982.
The Governor emphasized that fostering unity among leaders is essential for driving development in Turkana. “Promoting unity among leaders is crucial for realizing effective public service,” he stated.
Governor Lomorukai reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring peace and security in Turkana. He said, “I will work towards establishing peace with other communities because it is through peace that we can achieve our goals for the people.”
Addressing security concerns, he assured residents of his commitment to supporting government operations against banditry to ensure the protection of residents and their property during his tenure.
Expressing concern about escalating violence in certain regions, Governor Lomorukai condemned incitement from leaders on border issues, particularly in Turkana East, Turkana South, and Aro sub-counties.
Highlighting the County Government’s commitment to achieving food security, Governor Lomorukai said, “I will collaborate with leaders supporting the agenda to enhance the lives of Turkana residents.”
Senator James Lomenen urged elected leaders to stay focused on delivering their duties without being swayed by external distractions.
Woman Representative Cecilia Ngitit emphasized the importance of peace, stating that insecurity threatened development. She urged neighboring communities to embrace peace for collective progress.
Turkana East MP Nicholas Ng’ikor urged residents to avoid conflicts with other communities, emphasizing the need for peaceful coexistence as part of the larger Kenyan community.
Other leaders who spoke included MCAs Samuel Aliwo (Lobokat), Leader of Minority Samuel Lomodo (Lokichar), Etubon Samal (Katilu), and Aemun Ekaale Michael (Kaputir), who also shared their perspectives during the event.
Accompanying Governor Lomorukai were senior county staff, including Chief Officers Derrick Epae (Administration and Disaster Management) and Cecilia Majuma (Public Service), along with several directors.

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