The Agriculture, Livestock Development and Fisheries County Executive, Dr Anthony Apalia led a team from his Department in inspecting projects for both Agriculture and Livestock Development.
Speaking while assessing the projects, Dr Apalia said, he is impressed by the development made so far, indicating a step towards increasing Turkana’s food security.
” I am pleased with the community for taking the lead in producing nutrient-dense crops such as Groundnuts and orange-fleshed sweet potato in addition to local crops and food security crops.” He said.
The CECM also noted that the projects will contribute immensely to the reduction of poverty through sustainable food production and agricultural practice for profit.
Among the projects visited were, the Agricultural Training Centre, Agricultural Mechanisation Station projects in Naotin, and Kakemera drip irrigation model farm.
The team also toured projects in Loima including Amana Emoit in Lorengippi, Lorugum sale yard, Lorugum cold chain, feeds store, and Etic Women Group OFSP factory.
During the tour to Napool, Tisa, and Nanyee irrigation schemes, Agriculture and Land Reclamation Chief Officer Janerose Tioko underscored the importance of farmers in the realization of the food security agenda in Turkana.
“As a Department, we are keen on supporting and empowering farmers through the provision of timely demand-driven extension services as we strive to achieve our main aim of making the county food secure,” said CCO Janerose.
Directors Aaron Nanok (Agriculture), Bobby Ekadon (Livestock Production), Joram Ewoton, and Dorcas Ejore (Administration) accompanied the CECM.
Land Reclamation Officer Priscilla Akuut, Agricultural Officer Wilson Silali, and Human Resource Officer Obed Ekaran were also present.

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13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024