13th January 2024 (Public Communications & Media Relations)

The purpose of this annual Prayer Day is to bring together different denominations, religious and county leaders as well as residents to pray for the unity, peace, and continued success of Turkana County. This day is also dedicated to praying for the leadership and governance of Turkana County.

Senior County Government officials present included the two Deputy County Secretaries, Dr Albert Gamoe- Cabinet Affairs and Joseph Nyan’gaa- Administration, Paul Lodun’ga- Chief Officer in the Office of the Governor, Samuel Ekaale- Chief Officer, Economic Planning, Cathra Abdi- Chief Officer Public Works, Ruth Emanikor- County Solicitor, Ruth Kuya- MCA Lodwar Township, Mathew Lonyait- MCA Kangatotha Ward, Rebecca Asinyon- nominated MCA, Turkana North, Directors among others. Also in attendance were Bishops, Imams, Pastors, and other religious leaders.

Addressing the congregation, Dr Erus acknowledged the role of the church nationally and in the county in transforming lives in Turkana.

“ Without the church, so many people would not be where they are now. The Church has benefited the people of Turkana for many years,” said Deputy Governor.

“There is a God in heaven who is watching over Turkana and listens to the prayers of the Turkana people,” said Bishop Dr Boniface Lokuruka during his sermon.

Bishop Lokuruka also pleaded with the county leaders to educate the people of Turkana stating that the county will reap the benefits in return. He expressed his gratitude for the education fund launched by H.E. Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai Napotikan on January 12, 2024.

The Deputy Governor also mentioned that this day has proven the need for annual prayers in the county stating that Turkana County faces a lot of challenges but requires unity of all people. .” He urged the church to continue standing by and working with the government to unite the people as it dispenses the agenda for the people of Turkana.

“On behalf of the Governor and Turkana County Government, I would like to appreciate the church and state that we are ready to support the church,” added Dr. Erus.

The area MCA, Hon Loyelei James Ikeny, MCA Kanamkemer ward recognized the county government through the office of the governor for great servant leadership that has seen the supplies of relief food and allocation of bursaries recently. He urged the county government to offer permanent positions for all the casual laborers within the county government. He also appealed to secondary school principals to admit students from financially challenged backgrounds despite the lack of fees.

Several religious leaders led the following prayer items; protection of Turkana boundaries, peace and development of Turkana County, God’s blessings towards Turkana County and removal of natural calamities, unity among our leaders, good working relationship between the church, county, and national government, county government to render good work to citizens, and prosperity of businesses, schools, students, and teachers.

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13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024