January 18, 2024 (Public Communications and Media Relations)

The Department of Finance and Economic Planning has engaged various Departments on ways to boost the revenue collection in a deliberate effort to meet the set targets this FY’2023/2024.

The engagement meeting brought together the representatives from the Departments of Health and Sanitation, Roads, Trade, Natural Resources, Mining and Minerals, Livestock, Fisheries, Agriculture, Lands and Water.

Speaking during the meeting, the Chief Officer for Finance, James Illikwel, said it was necessary for all the Departments involved to collect revenue through their own source revenue (OSR) streams to use the unifying revenue collection system to effectively meet the set targets.

“We have a collective responsibility as the government to collect more revenue to significantly increase our revenue target from that of the last financial year to Sh 220 million this FY’2023/2024,” Illikwel said.

He emphasised the need for every Department to perform well by surpassing the set target. Chief Illikwel encouraged those entities that have not been collecting revenue to proactively be involved in delivering the targets set for each Department.
To avoid wastage and pilferage, the Finance Chief urged the team to help members of the public to go cashless and make payments through the County Pay bill number 4232323 or the County Exchequer account only.

In addition, the Director for Revenue, David Eyanae Lopeyok, said his Directorate has developed mechanisms to supervise the performance of the revenue collected from the Departments charged with the responsibility.

Director Lopeyok echoed the Chief Officer’s sentiment on cashless payment. He said transacting on cashless payment would be easy for the government to track the performance of the revenue collected through a robust system put in place.

He said the Revenue Department is on the right track, as it has currently collected revenue at 34% of the set target, as of July to December 2023.

All the county heads and representatives from various departments were present at the meeting.

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