January 27, 2024 (Public Communication and Media Relations)

The county government has commenced revamping various irrigation projects in a bid to enhance crop production.

Director for Administration in the Department of Agriculture, Livestock Development, and Fisheries, Joram Ewoton, confirmed when he officiated a site handover for the rehabilitation and repair of the Kangalita/Lojokobwo surface irrigation scheme.

“Once the restoration of the schemes is complete, farmers will be able to produce adequate food and change the narrative of Turkana to a food-secure county,” he said.

He further urged the contractor to adhere to the contract terms and conditions, as the scheme is meant to benefit hundreds of people who entirely depend on it as their source of livelihood.

The scope of work includes the repair of broken parts of canals along main and sub-main canal corridors, the construction of earth-lined compacted canals, the construction of 10 division boxes with sluice gates, gabions construction at the canal intake for water diversion, and the construction of two footbridges and road crossings.

In his remarks, Deputy Director for Agriculture Emmanuel Esau called for the timely completion of the project and urged the community, through the committee and scheme officials, to support the contractor by working mutually.

The Sub-county Loima Resident Engineer, Hillary Saina, noted that the repairs will stabilize the riverbed for easy flow and access to water in the canal.

Robert Lotaruk (Chief Procurement Officer) Pius Ekidor (Accountant), Richard Iko (Ag. Ward Administrator Lobei/Kotaruk), Priscilla Lotesiro (Land Reclamation Officer), Evans Keter (Crops Officer), Logumo Erupe (Ward Office Manager), and scheme officials were also present at the site handover.

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