February 7, 2024 (Public Communication and Media Relations)

The Department of Water Services conducted an induction for its interns, attaches, and volunteer staff, outlining their expected contributions to bolstering water supply interventions.

During the one-day induction, participants had the opportunity to acquire essential skills and knowledge crucial for delivering water services to residents.

“This initiative aligns with Turkana County Government’s agenda, where increasing access to water is a top priority,” stated Chief Officer for Water Services, David Maraka.

Acknowledging the engagement of 38 youths with diverse skills in Water Engineering, Management, Finance, Survey, artisan programs, and journalistic reporting, Chief Officer Maraka emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to nurturing the skills of the youth for successful entry into the labor market.

“Among the 38, six are interns, 10 are on attachment from various universities and colleges across the nation, and 22 are volunteers,” explained Chief Officer Maraka.

Emphasizing the significance of workplace discipline, Chief Officer Maraka urged the recruited team to capitalize on the opportunity for networking and skills development.

“As a department, we will strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the Turkana Public Service Board and Public Service Commission of Kenya for engaging such staff, ensuring that youth gain the necessary experience and post-education exposure,” he stated.

Director for Water Services, Paul Lotum, echoed Maraka’s sentiments, encouraging attendees to actively contribute to the Ministry’s endeavors.

Director Lotum highlighted the Governor’s commitment to promoting universal access to water and building the capacity of the youth to play an active role in achieving this goal.

“As an intern, attache, or volunteer, you must recognize that opportunities are limited. Seize this chance to prove your worth and enhance your prospects in the labor market,” emphasized Director Lotum.

The trainees were also addressed by the department’s Senior Human Resource Officer, Martino Ekal, Deputy Directors Jackson Egusii and Benjamin Etupat, and Assistant Director of Water Services, George Arigan.

It is expected that the induction will serve as an encouragement to learners pursuing water-related courses as the County Government seeks to increase the number of qualified water engineers and artisans.

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