February 14, 2024 (Public Communication and Media Relations)

The County Government, in collaboration with KUDURA Power East Africa, has concluded a three-week public engagement exercise on acquiring land for 22 mini-grid power stations.

The exercise commenced at Kakurotuko in Nanam Ward and concluded at Kangirisae in Kerio Delta Ward. It was aimed to align the land lease agreement with local communities of the respective locations, as per the MoU between the County Government and KUDURA.

During the meetings, Chief Officer for Energy, Petroleum, and Mineral Resources Triza Amoni emphasized the project’s potential socio-economic benefits.

She stated, “This project offers not only lighting but also electric power for business, security, education, and a 24-hour economy.”

Chief Officer Amoni also underscored the project’s significance in replacing unsustainable energy solutions like firewood and charcoal, aligning with Governor Lomorukai’s vision for sustainable energy solutions in Turkana.

KUDURA Power East Africa Operations Consultant, Abraham Wangila, explained that the company had adopted an off-grid approach model to scale up energy access in remote areas.

The 22 remote locations earmarked for the project are in Lokichoggio, Turkana West, Loima, Turkana Central, Turkana North and Turkana South Sub-counties.

He reiterated that each mini-grid station would generate 20 to 60 kWh of electric solar energy.

Wangila highlighted KUDURA’s successful project in Busia County, pledging community support through street light programs, borehole sinking, and increased employment opportunities in line with the MoU signed with the County.

A resident of Lakezone Ward in Turkana North Sub-county, Moses Edapal, expressed optimism about the project’s potential to transform the fortunes of rural Turkana.

“With this project, Narengewoi will join the league of big towns like Lodwar and Lokichoggio where electricity is guaranteed. This will be a big boost to security concerns arising from attacks by wild animals and criminals,” he said.

The off-grid model has been identified as a viable channel for the inclusion of persons residing in remote and rural areas that cannot be served by the main power grid.

In using the off-grid mini-stations model, the County Government and KUDURA Power East Africa will be tapping into the abundant solar energy in Turkana and availing the same for livelihood transformation.

During the engagement, Directors, Stanley Loter (Mineral resources) Stephen Barasa (County surveyor) Davis Munialo (Physical planning) Areman Elim (D/Director Mineral resources) and Lokwayen Samuel (Ag.Director Energy) participated.

The County Attorney’s office was represented by Jane Ebenyo (Principal legal counsel) and Phoebe Eturote (Legal officer).

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