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Residents of Nalemsekon, Merikuka, Kare-engetuny, and Meyan in Kibish sub-county are assured of access to a reliable water supply, courtesy of a Ksh 25 million Nalemsekon-Merikuka water supply project undertaken by the Turkana County Government in the area.

During an inspection of the project, the Chief Officer for Water Services, David Maraka, confirmed the successful completion and directed the contractor to allow the public to commence using the project for water access.

“We are here to witness and confirm the completion of this project. It is one of our mega projects, and I can affirm that it meets the desired standards,” Chief Maraka said.

The extensive project spans 13 kilometers and connects 8 villages to reliable water supply.

The project, based on an existing 236-meter-deep borehole, has a 100-m3 masonry tank at Napeikar village, a 600-meter galvanized iron raising main, and a pipeline extension linking Kare-engetuny and Merikuka, situated 5 and 13 kilometers away, respectively.

In addition to these infrastructure components, the project boasts three water troughs, a communal water fetching point, and a 10,000-litre plastic storage tank at Merikuka, catering to both human and livestock needs.

Chief Officer Maraka expressed optimism about the project’s transformative impact on academic standards, conflict reduction, and the promotion of agricultural production for food security.

“This project will significantly uplift the livelihoods of the people in this area. We believe it will spur livestock and crop production,” stated Chief Officer Maraka.

Mzee Ngikoi Ekirion, speaking on behalf of the local residents at Napeikar village, emphasized that the water supply would address security concerns arising from the long distances people previously had to travel to fetch water.

Mzee Ngikoi expressed gratitude for the Governments’ support and urged consideration for areas not reached by the pipeline extension.

While narrating that the Governor had visited the area sometimes in the past and pledged to address water access challenges, Mzee Ngikoi lauded the Governor for delivering the promise.

Kibish Sub-County Water Officer, Jonathan Mangesoi, described the project as an eye-opener, presenting opportunities for youth to engage in plumbing and pipe fitting businesses that will be essential during breakdowns.

As part of the final stages, the project inspection team asked the contractor to undertake project labeling before applying for a certificate of project completion.

Led by Lobeck Ekwakai, Turkana North Deputy Sub- County administrator, the project team emphasised the need for the community to utilize the project awaiting official launch to be presided over by Governor Lomorukai.

So far, the project remains the biggest water supply entity in the entire Turkana North region and one of its kind in Kibish sub county.

The inspection visits also brought the areas’ ward and village administrators, area chief and members of the public.

Engineer Jackson Egusii Arigan, Deputy Director Water Services, was also part of the inspection team.

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