March 3, 2024 (Public Communication and Media Relations)

The County Department of Water Services has refocused its attention on ‘Lipa Maji’ as a strategic initiative to generate funds for the routine maintenance of boreholes, ensuring the long-term sustainability of water supply projects in Turkana.

County Executive for Water Services, Faith Aletea, highlighted water supply systems required regular maintenance, emphasizing the need for continuous maintenance funding contributed by the County Government and water users.

“When we request the public to pay for their water, the intention is to use these funds for maintenance, guaranteeing uninterrupted use of water infrastructure,” explained CEC Aletea.

Speaking in Lokichoggio after leading a Water Partners Forum, CEC Aletia clarified the County’s responsibility to fund the initial establishment costs of water infrastructure, while water users are tasked with covering maintenance and operational expenses.

CEC Aletea noted that the County and partners had recently implemented water access infrastructure at Longolemwar, Kaaleng, and Merikuka-Nalemsekom, with the expectation that water users would contribute towards the maintenance and operational costs for sustainable project utilization.

“At Kaaleng and Longolemwar, we went a step further to unveil a plaque with the inscription ‘Kulipa Maji ni Kujitegemea.’ This serves as a reminder to water users of their obligations,” added CEC Aletea.

“We’ve also sensitized water user associations about a water infrastructure insurance scheme by the Dioceses of Lodwar. We expect them to enroll and benefit from professional input by expert maintenance staff,” stated Chief Officer Maraka.

He cautioned that failure to pay maintenance costs could result in lost abstraction hours during breakdowns and delays in response from the community.

In the past month, CEC Aletea led a procession across Lodwar urging the public to pay their water bills and made a similar appeal to Kakuma Municipality residents.

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