March 6th 2024, Lodwar (Public Communications and Media Relations)

The County Government held a one day “Youth Empowerment Program” through which officials met Students’ Associations for discussions on policies and programs designed by the Government to benefit the Youth.

The meeting was held today at the Turkana University College in Lodwar.

County Executive for Trade, Gender and Youth Affairs David Erukudi led top officials of the department in engaging Lodwar Region Students’ Association noting that the goal was to bridge the information gap on access to government opportunities by the youth in Turkana.

CECM Erukudi described initiative as a show of commitment on agenda number seven of the County’s administration that focuses on promotion of trade, industries and enterprise development through inclusion of the youth to tap their potential.

In his address, the CEC asked the youth to prioritise education and character development as twin requirements for sustainable access to opportunities offered by the County through Youth, Women Empowerment and Biashara Funds.

He added that the meeting was also a platform to cultivate skills and prepare the young persons to take up leadership roles in the future by involving them in the governance of activities that impact on their lives.

On his part, Chief Officer for Gender and Youth Affairs Joseph Epuu said that the initiative was in line with the requirements for inclusive approaches to public participation.

“This is a meeting in which the young persons could air their views on the best strategies to benefit the Youth, you therefore have a duty to contribute proactively,” Chief Officer Epuu said.

Speaking on behalf of the Youth, Lodwar Region Students’ Association (LORESA) chair Ezekiel Losinyen welcomed the initiative and called upon the County to reach out to more youth across Turkana.

Losinyen urged the youth to turn up in large numbers and share their views whenever such meetings are organised.

During the meeting, Youth employment, access to finance, bursary allocation, opportunities for internship and programs under the Ministry of Trade, Gender and Youth Affairs were discussed.


13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024