Lodwar, March 8, 2024 (Public Communications and Media Relations)

Artisan miners in Lolupe and Naduat have participated in a four-day training aimed at enhancing livelihoods through improved operations and safety in the mines.

The training, which was supported by Transparency International and Oxfam, resolved at creating a local association constitution which will govern the operations, promoting accountability and coherence within the community.

The collaborative effort between the county with TI and Oxfam signifies a shared vision to empower local communities and stimulate inclusive economic growth.

As miners aimed to implement acquired knowledge, they called for marketing regulations in the mining industry to ensure inclusive market access.

The Project Officer for Oxfam, Hillary K’odinyi, reiterated their commitment to supporting artisan miners in the county, emphasizing the role of value additions and mineral promotion in driving economic development.

Citing the prevalence of gender-based violence in mining sites, a Senior Gender Officer, Hellen Emojo said there was need to prioritize combating and addressing GBV issues once for all.

The lead trainer, Simon Lochom, highlighted the importance of miners obtaining permits, licenses, committee documentation, and access to savings and credit cooperatives to streamline operations and ensure their economic sustainability is realised.

The Director of Mineral Resources, Stanley Loter was present in the training.

In attendance were Department staff and partner representatives from the Institute of Public Finance, Transparency International, Association for Women in Energy and Extractives in Kenya and TUPADO.

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