Lodwar, March 19, 2024 (Public Communications and Media Relations)

The County Department of Water services through LOWASCO is set to adopt smart water meter technology in partnership with Gosoft Integrated solutions, a leading tech services provider.

The company (GoSoft Integrated Technology Solutions) is also a leading provider of smart solutions for water management, including smart water meters, ground water sensors, dashboards and internet services.

Managing Director Lowasco Esther Lokitoe reiterated that Lowasco is a water company with a mandate by the County government to supply and distribute water and it is open to consultation and resolutions of community grievances on water services.

The managing Director lauded the efforts of GoSoft integrated solutions limited in promoting the training of smart water meters. Further, she confirmed the formation of rural and urban water companies for lodwar municipality which will be a successor to Lowasco.

GoSoft Chief executive officer Joseph Kibui highlighted mechanisms put in place by GoSoft to enhance proper management of water distribution through automation.

Mr. Kibui added that GoSoft shares expertise, market intelligence and intellectual property to advise water utility companies on Internet of things( IoT ) technology to get visibility along the water distribution frameworks.

Global Director Investment Strategy and partnership officer Patrick Malungu remarked on the efficiency of the smart water meters and it ability to transmit water consumption data in real time.

Mulungu highlighted how these meters would benefit clients, mentioning high accuracy ultrasound readings, effective billing ,remote switching, fraud and risk detection and visible daily and weekly consumption.

On the raised concern, GoSoft offered to give out five meters for trials to Lodwar Vocational Training College (LVTC), Bishop Mohan Teachers Training College, Kanamkemer Sub-county hospital and other remaining meters to be handed over to LOWASCO.

The meeting was also attended by Simon Ipoo Principal Administrator PSB, Benjamin Etupat Deputy Director Administration for water services along with stakeholders and representatives from various institutions and community based organisations.


13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024