March 27, 2024 (Public Communication and Media Relations)

The County Government, through the Agriculture Department, has trained women farmers in Naoros, Kang’atotha Ward – Turkana Central Sub-County, on agri-nutrition practices to improve household diet diversity and nutrition.

The training, conducted by Concern Worldwide under its Mother to Mother program, targeted a group of 30 women linked to the local health facility for nutrition services. This initiative aimed to improve their farming practices to support nutrition and increase production.

Turkana Central Sub-County Crops Development Officer (SCCDO), Eregae Ekai Peter, stated that the women received guidance on good agronomic practices, including scouting for pests and diseases, making compost manure, establishing sunken nurseries, and adopting proper watering regimes.

“The training also included practical examples to help women farmers access food at the household level, enabling them to harvest fresh vegetables from their farms to supplement their diets,” said the SCCDO.

The lead farmer in the Naoros Mother to Mother Group, Ruth Kooli Epat, said that the training provided an opportunity to establish model farms with best agricultural practices that embed nutrition.

“Participants have benefited from these farms by consuming dark green leafy vegetables and selling the surplus to non-group members,” she added.

According to Nicholas Lotukoi, the Facility-in-charge of Naoros Dispensary, the increased uptake of vegetables has led to improved health statuses in 25 malnourished children.

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