Assembly Members Lead Tree Planting, Vow to Support Amendments to the Turkana Social Protection Bill and Policy

Assembly Members Lead Tree Planting, Vow to Support Amendments to the Turkana Social Protection Bill and Policy

Kakuma, May 10, 2024 (Public Communications and Media Relations)


Members of the Turkana County Assembly Committee on Labour, Gender, and Youth Affairs have expressed their support for the ongoing efforts by the Department of Education to amend the Social Protection Bill and Policy of 2022.


Led by Alphonce Loteder, the Chair of the Committee and Member of the County Assembly for Katilu, the members advocated for the establishment of an independent institution dedicated to addressing social protection concerns.


Hon Loteder emphasized the importance of a standalone County Government Department, corresponding County Executive Committee Members (CECM) to effectively address the needs of persons with disabilities and implement affirmative action measures envisioned by the revised Bill and Policy.


The committee Chair made the remarks during the conclusion of a five-day meeting in Kakuma, where stakeholders convened to review the bill and propose amendments.


Director of Social Protection, Mark Amiyo, emphasized the urgency of addressing responses outlined in the bill, likening them to emergency disasters due to their direct impact on human welfare.


According to Director Amiyo, there was a need for the County Assembly Committee members to familiarize themselves with the bill further and engage with their colleagues and the public.


Representing the World Food Program (WFP), Head of the Lodwar Field Office, Sarah Ayodi reaffirmed WFP’s commitment to supporting the amendment process to ensure the bill remained adaptable to current challenges and future needs.


In compliance with a directive from the Executive Office of H.E. President William Ruto (PhD), to commemorate lives lost due to the recent floods, Hon Loteder led stakeholders in a tree-planting ceremony and observed a minute of silence.


A team from the office of the County Attorney, led by Principal Legal Officer Jane Ebenyo, facilitated the engagements during the unpacking of the Bill and Policy.


It is anticipated that proposed amendments will be compiled for presentation to the cabinet and subsequently to the County Assembly for deliberation and approval.


According to Mark Amiyo, the amendments will align the document with the third-generation County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP III) and Governor Lomorukai’s nine-point transformative agenda for Turkana, a feat he describes as good enough for resource mobilization and engagements of partners for additional support.


Stakeholders also advocated for the inclusion of the Ilimanyang community as beneficiaries of social protection interventions, improved budget allocations, data-driven decision-making processes, and partner recognition for resource mobilization.


Deputy Director of Social Protection, Hebrew Idoka, was also in attendance.


13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024