Lodwar, 28 May 2024

The Chief Officer for Municipalities and Urban Areas Management, Epae Derrick, has announced stringent measures, including arrest and prosecution, for individuals violating waste disposal regulations in Lodwar Municipality area.

The new measure is part of the renewed effort by the Municipality Management to curtail the growth of indiscriminate dumping currently witnessed in the town despite warnings to the public to desist from the vice.

The municipal administration has designated Nayanae-engkalalio as the official dumpsite for both solid and liquid waste. However, improper disposal practices continue.

“The arrest and prosecution of those who flout our dumping rules might be the best deterrent against this growing challenge,” Chief Officer Epae Derrick said.

During a spot check to assess the extent of the garbage problem, Derrick emphasized that the municipality would no longer tolerate indiscriminate dumping, urging residents to adopt proper waste disposal habits to ensure a clean, green, and healthy environment.

Lodwar, the county headquarters and the first town to achieve municipality status in Turkana, is undergoing rapid urbanization. This growth has led to an increase in waste, particularly from the expanding number of bars, entertainment joints, and eateries, contributing to unsightly and unsanitary conditions in backstreets and undesignated areas.

A local residents, Irine Epetet, voiced concerns about the public health risks posed by the ongoing violations of dumping rules. “If we don’t enforce these regulations, our community’s health will be at serious risk,” she remarked.

Other residents pointed to traders as primary offenders, accusing them of dumping waste from their stores into narrow passageways and backstreets, causing blockages and other hazards.

Chief Officer Epae Derrick, accompanied by Assistant Director for Municipality Area Administration David Edoket, Principal Administrator Dickson Maisa, and members of the enforcement and fire marshal teams, made it clear that no one would be exempt from the new enforcement measures.

“We will ensure that all those found violating the dumping regulations are held accountable,” Chief Officer Epae Derrick stated.

According to the Chief Officer, the Municipality management is working towards a partnership with several other players including enforcement, NEMA, National Police Service, Environment and Climate Change and other partners to combat the challenge.


13TH-14TH AUGUST 2024