Letea, June 10, 2024 (Public Communication and Media Relations)

Turkana has successfully completed twenty-one solar installation projects across the thirty wards as part of the county’s effort to address challenges and spur economic growth.

Acknowledging that the newly completed solar projects were transforming lives across Turkana by lighting streets and schools, Chief Officer for Energy, Minerals, and Petroleum, Triza Amoni, added that the projects were also ensuring a reliable green energy supply for health facilities.

“The project’s success underscores the county government’s commitment, which aligns with H.E. Governor Lomorukai’s nine-point agenda and leverages renewable energy to enhance living standards and improve service delivery,” Amoni said.

The county, known for its long-standing energy deficits, has struggled with reliable electricity access. The introduction of these solar power projects marks a crucial step in bridging this gap, providing sustainable and dependable energy sources.

According to the Chief Officer, the impact of these solar installations extends to the educational and healthcare sectors.

“Learners now benefit from extended study hours and improved access to digital learning, which is crucial in bridging the educational divide in this remote region,” Amoni remarked.

A significant aspect of the projects’ success is the involvement of the local community in both the construction and maintenance phases. This approach fosters a sense of ownership among residents and ensures the long-term sustainability of the installations.

A resident of Kaameyan in Letea Ward, Mzee John Ekitela, said that due to the solar installation, the health facility was able to be fitted with a fridge for vaccines.

“This facility can now offer storage for vaccines and medicines without having to rely on other hospitals, which are far away. Besides, now we can access enhanced patient care and fully operational medical equipment run by electricity,” he said.

Jackson Lojore, the Director for Energy and Petroleum, added that five schools were upgraded with biomass-cleaning cooking stoves, and the environmental benefits of these solar projects are equally noteworthy.

These projects align with both national and global efforts to combat climate change, showcasing Turkana’s dedication to sustainable progress.

Plans are already in place to expand renewable energy initiatives, with additional solar projects and the exploration of wind and geothermal energy sources.

“Our vision is to make Turkana a hub of renewable energy, attracting investment and creating jobs,” Lojore added.

As Turkana continues to harness its abundant solar resources, the county sets a precedent for renewable energy-driven development. The success of these projects not only illuminates Turkana’s path to a brighter future but also serves as a model for other regions in Kenya and beyond.

Accompanying the Chief Officer in the assessment exercise were Deputy Director for Energy Geoffrey Eregae and other engineers.

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