Kalobeyei, 15th June 2024 (Governor’s Press Service)- Governor Lomorukai has informed residents of Turkana West that amendments to the Biashara Act have delayed the distribution of the County Government’s Biashara loans.

Speaking today in Kalobeyei during the burial of the late Alfred Kapoko, Governor Lomorukai explained that the annulment of the previous Biashara Act necessitated the preparation of a new draft to guide the distribution of the funds.

“The County Government has now drafted laws that are before the County Assembly awaiting public participation. Previously, Turkana was described as a scene of crime where no one cared about the rule of law,” said the Governor.

He eulogized the late Alfred Kapoko as an industrious and devoted leader who championed community interests during his tenure.

Governor Lomorukai outlined the development projects his administration has instituted to improve the livelihoods of the people of Turkana West, with a focus on water, and reiterated his commitment to balanced regional appointments within his administration.

On the unity of leaders, Governor Lomorukai emphasized prioritizing the interest and the well-being of Wananchi over advancing political agendas, calling for cooperation across political divides.

“Let’s unite and put the interests of our people first. I have been at the forefront, as the Governor, urging all leaders to work together,” said Governor Lomorukai.

Turkana West MP lauded the Governor for considering professionals from the region in senior government positions. He assured that he and other leaders from the constituency would offer constructive criticism and not descend into politics of mudslinging.

Former Cabinet Secretary John Munyes raised concerns over the ongoing national discussions on the division of national revenue allocation, noting that the “one man, one vote” mantra would jeopardize development in pastoralist counties. He echoed calls for unity and asked Wananchi to allow elected leaders to deliver on their mandate.

Senior County Government officials accompanying the Governor included County Executive for Water Patrick Losike, Chief Officers Joseph Epuu (Youth), Joseph Ekalale (Climate Change), Triza Amoni (Energy), as well as Chief of Staff Peter Loyapan.

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