Voi – 24th June 2024 (Public Communication and Media Relations)

Turkana County is taking steps towards enhancing its mineral resource management through the establishment of a gemstone processing centre

Led by the Director for Mineral Resources, Stanley Loter, a delegation visited the Taita Taveta County Gemstone Centre to gather insights and best practices for establishing a similar facility in Turkana.

Artisanal mining is a legitimate means of livelihood for thousands in the county, and the establishment of a gemstone processing centre is seen as a critical step in supporting these miners.

Director Loter emphasized the visit’s significance, stating that the lessons learned would be invaluable for Turkana’s plans.

“A gemstone centre in Turkana will positively impact mineral management, trade, and the marketing of gold and other valuable minerals. It will also help in ring-fencing revenue and ensuring compliance with cadastral registration requirements,” Loter said.

By establishing a gemstone processing centre, the artisanal miners will have access to better resources, training, and access to fair markets.

Additionally, the proposed centre will play a crucial role in formalizing the artisanal mining sector, ensuring that activities are conducted in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.

In welcoming the Turkana delegation, the manager of Taita Taveta Gem Centre Edward Omito, acknowledged the county’s efforts to mining trade through policy framework.

Accompanying the Director were; Mining officers Micklam Eregae and Michael Ejikon.

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