Lomeguro, 25th June 2024 (Governor’s Press Service)– Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai has expressed his support for peaceful picketing in Turkana as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

In his remarks, amid countrywide demonstrations over the Financial Bill 2024, Governor Lomorukai emphasized that protesters are free to exercise their constitutional rights as long as they refrain from violence.

“Demonstrations by Gen Z youths are acceptable. What we oppose as leaders is a faction of politicians using these opportunities to further their destructive agendas,” he stated.

He made this remarks today during the launch of a mass registration drive for Identification Cards at Lomeguro village, Nakalale Ward, in Turkana North Sub-County.

The county boss informed residents of Nakalale that he had led a delegation of leaders to President Ruto to request the government to consider Turkana in the issuance of Identification Cards.

He told the team from National Registration Bureau that a section of the population in the county , including elderly pastoralists living near the border, lacked identification cards.

“It’s important for you to witness firsthand what we, as leaders, have been discussing regarding the lack of Identification Cards in Turkana. We thank the President for sending his team to register our people who lack this critical document,” he said.

The Governor further noted that the failure to provide identification documents had led to the underestimation of Turkana’s population, thereby denying it an adequate share of national resources and say in National politics.

Referring to the release of Turkana pastoralists who had been court-martialed in Uganda, the Governor also pledged to collaborate with the National Government Security team in order to address conflicts within and outside the county.

County Commissioner Julius Kavita stated that the exercise was being conducted countywide and targets all individuals who qualified to get the identity card.

National Registration Bureau Secretary Christopher Wanjau announced that his team would be diligent in the recruitment drive, focusing on registering all qualified youths, women, and the elderly who lack identity cards.

Nakalale Ward MCA Dedan Kalimapus noted that his ward is rich in mineral resources and called for leadership involvement by investors before commencing any mining activity.

Kalokol MCA Michael Apem noted that Turkana had long been excluded from ID registration and called for an extension of the registration period.

Chief of Staff Peter Loyapan and Legal Advisor Ekiru Tulele also accompanied the Governor.

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