Lodwar, 26 June 2024 (Public Communication and Media Relations)

The County Government has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the newly established Turkana Urban and Rural Water Companies, aiming to ensure they become fully operational.

The water companies have been purposed to manage the water supply and address the county’s water demand efficiently and effectively.

During the closing ceremony of a three-day workshop supported by USAID STAWI, the County Executive for Water Services, Patrick Losike Lokaimoe, emphasized the county’s strategy to overcome water challenges.

CEC Lokaimoe highlighted that the transition to government-owned water supply utilities aligns with the Constitution of Kenya (2010) and the County Water Act of 2019.

He stressed the importance of collaborative efforts and the involvement of development partners in this initiative.

“The formation of these companies is a crucial step in bringing essential services closer to our people,” he noted.

The meeting also saw the participation of KALWASCO, the proposed utility company designated to serve Kakuma, Kalobeyei, Letea, and Lopur.

Director of Water Services, Paul Lotum, stated that the workshop had resulted in a six-month costed action plan to guide the companies’ operations.

“Priority has been given to the formalization of the companies under the regulations of WASREB, the Kenya water regulatory authority,” Lotum said.

The chair of the Turkana Urban Water Company remarked that the workshop provided an excellent platform to develop key strategies, including communication plans, jurisdiction mapping, stakeholder surveys, commercial viability assessments, and asset inventory taking.

The workshop focused on preparing a transition plan for these water utilities.

The workshop was attended by representatives from various organizations, including the International Organization for Migration, USAID NAWIRI, Water Mission, Catholic Relief Services, and Lodwar Caritas, among others.

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