Lodwar – 28 June 2024 (Public Communication and Media Relations)

The County Government of Turkana has officially taken over the management of the integrated livelihood project at Nasinyono in Lokichoggio sub-county.

This follows the completion of the three-year implementation period by African Inland Church Health Ministries (AICHM), funded by the Government of Germany through Johanniter International Assistance (JIA).

During a project cycle closure meeting, AIC area Bishop Rev. David Nakain announced the project’s conclusion and noted that the handover to the county aims to ensure sustainability under the capable leadership of the government and project beneficiaries.

Project lead Sammy Ikeny explained that the initiative aimed to enhance water provision, develop agricultural production potential, empower young girls and women, and build resilience among people vulnerable to climate change, malnutrition, and WASH-related challenges. Ikeny highlighted the transformation achieved in less than three years, shifting the area from pure pastoralism to agro-pastoralism through the installation of boreholes, water pan, an irrigation scheme, reverse osmosis water treatment infrastructure, and market-based systems for various value chains such as sorghum, millet, and watermelon.

CECM for Water Services Patrick Losike Lokaimoe praised the project implementers for their transformative initiative, emphasizing the catalytic role of water supply in enabling agriculture, livestock production, nutrition, health, and WASH. Lokaimoe confirmed that inspections and interactions with local beneficiaries revealed the project’s immense impact on livelihoods and potential for future development.

Director of Agriculture Aaron Nanok announced plans to further build the locals’ capacity on market pricing models for various markets and stated that additional training would be provided to ensure proper management of farms and water infrastructure supporting irrigation processes.

Sub County Administrator, Obed Echip, assured the project implementers that the county government would use its administrative structure to ensure that local beneficiaries form relevant management committees for the proper management of valuable assets. Echip also called upon locals to avoid engaging in vandalism, noting that administrative officers would be vigilant in preventing any actions that could reverse the gains already achieved.

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