Kainuk, July 5, 2024 (Governor’s Press Service)

Peace efforts between Turkana and West Pokot at the Aroo-Pokot Central Corridor received a significant boost after the Frontier Counties Development Council (FCDC) organized a joint meeting by area peace actors to deliberate and formulate a lasting solution to the escalating conflict.

Speakers at the two-day meeting organized by the Frontier Counties Development Council decried the escalating violence characterized by killings, cattle raids, counter-raids, banditry, and the torching of schools, despite the heavy presence of security forces in the area.

They emphasized on the need for decisive security interventions, including the tracking and arrest of bandits. They also advocated for a joint peace caravan by the governors of Turkana, West Pokot, and Baringo, particularly in the hotspots.

Chief Officer in the Office of the Governor, Paul Lodung’a, noted that the area could leverage the numerous peace actors and the platforms created by the Frontier Counties Development Council(FCDC )to make a positive impact.

He further highlighted the potential for peace spoilers to exploit retrogressive traditional practices and the vulnerability of communities to destabilize peacebuilding efforts.

West Pokot County Chief Officer for Peace, David Chepeleon, pointed out that the failure to recover stolen animals could further escalate conflict in the area. He supported calls for regular meetings and a review of the peace situation by the actors, marking a departure from the past when such meetings were rare.

During the forum, participants shared experiences that provided valuable insights into the nature of the conflict in the area and the interventions required, especially in Kainuk, Orwa, and Sarmach.

In his remarks, Mr. Gideon Ombongi, the Deputy County commisioner, Turkana South, assured residents of the National government’s commitment to ensuring there is peace and security across all regions. He further asked security officers to act swiftly and deal with peace spoilers.

The idea was also echoed by Pokot Central Deputy County Commissioner Jeremiah Koech Tumo.

Participants, included youth and women lobby groups, religious leaders, local administrators, security organs, and representatives of NGOs.

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